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Professional translation services in Polish, Spanish, English, and Lithuanian with a special emphasis on marketing, fashion, and creative translations.

As probably you have already noticed,

I LOVE what I do!



“The ideal reader is a translator.

He or she can pull a text to pieces,

remove its skin,

cut it to the bone,

follow each artery and vein

and thence fashion a new living being.”

Alberto Manguel

Do you know that…

          The survey conducted by Common Sense Advisory, which surveyed 2,430 web consumers in eight countries to learn about how language affected their purchasing behaviour, shows that more than half of consumers are willing to pay more if you provide them information in their own languages! The detailed results are as follows:

72.1% of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language

72.4% of respondents said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language

56.2% of consumers replied that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than the price.

Contact me and… get your message across!

Do need your website translated to PolishSpanishEnglish, or Lithuanian to optimise your killer offer’s reach? Or creative translation of catchphrases, advertising campaignsproduct descriptions or other marketing materials?

Or of SEO texts and positioning phrases?

Or of saleleaserental contracts or employment agreements? Or even of a hospital discharge report? 

Or a translator specialising in fashion and clothing?





  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Fashion & Style
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Business & Finance
  • Sports, Health & Beauty

Marketing & Advertising

Creative translations, product and company naming, catchphrases and advertising slogans, advertisements and advertising campaigns, content used in newspaper, radio, television advertisements, and any other promotional materials, such as websites, catalogs, brochures, leaflets containing product descriptions, sponsored articles, Android applications, SEO texts and positioning phrases, advertising offers, requests for proposals, branding.


Criminal Law: witness statements, summons, cautions, warrants, indictments, sentences, judgments; Contract Law: sale contracts, lease contracts, rental agreements, construction work contracts, sale of shares contracts, supply contracts, confidentiality agreements, maintenance contracts; Family Law: birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, equity and trusts, last wills; Employment Law: employment agreements, insurance policies, patents, annual meetings, certificates and qualifications.

You can also consult my Master’s Thesis on “New Challenges in Legal Translation: Analysis of a Divorce Decree (English-Spanish)” written and defended at the Faculty of Translation and Documentation of the University of Salamanca (it is available in Spanish).


Medical records, hospital discharge summary reports, discharge abstracts, informed consent forms, patient information leaflets, marketing materials, brochures, newsletters and signage, clinical study agreements, user manuals for medical devices and software, research studies, member handbooks.

Business & Finance

Start-ups, presentations, correspondence, business plans, contracts, reports, research.

Fashion & Style

Clothes descriptions, clothing and fashion websites and articles, promotional campaigns, tips on style and fashion.

Sports, Health & Beauty

Football, healthy lifestyle, beauty, cosmetics related content.

What makes marketing translations different from other translations?         

Marketing translations are governed by slightly different rules than other types of translation. In fact, in this case we can talk more about transcreation than translation. Marketing translations are more than just correct translations from one language to another. This type of translation requires not only a perfect mastery of the source and target languages, but also knowledge of the culture of the country whose language the text is translated to. It also requires excellent knowledge of the target market and the segment of users. Not without significance is creativity, which is extremely helpful when puzzling over word choices typical for a given culture. 

Although marketing translations are quite complex and not easy at all, the game is worth the candle. From the research I conducted, in which more than 1,000 participants were asked to fill in the questionnaires anonymously, results that perfect marketing translations can boost product sales of as much as 500%! 

The participants of this study were asked, among others, to select 10 out of the 200 products; each product was accompanied by marketing translation (bad, average, or very good translations proportionally divided between all products); products were of comparable quality and price. 93% of respondents picked the products with very good translations.

The conclusion can be only one – a very good marketing translation opens the door to the world.

My Translation Process


STEP 1 → Discussion

I discuss with you your product, values, and target customers. We establish the requirements and goals of the project before it starts.

STEP 2 → Research

I familiarise myself with the whole document to be translated. I always strive for the best translation, trying to find the best tone of voice to convey your message. I resort to my knowledge and reliable information sources found online and offline.

STEP 3 → Use of Software 

I use SDL Trados Studio 2015 and MemoQ CAT tools software, ABBYY FineReader 11 OCR software, when working with non-editable (read-only) files, and valuable translation memories, which I have been creating since 2008 with the use of SDL Trados Studio. I do not make use of machine translation because it is truly constrained, inaccurate, and erroneous.

STEP 4 → Clarifications

Should any doubts arise, these are necessarily clarified through consultations with you and/or qualified experts, always complying with the confidentiality rules provided.

STEP 5 → Quality Check

At the end of the translation process close proofreading and editing take place in order to make sure that the translation is free of spelling, grammatical, stylistic, or other mistakes and inaccuracies and the translated text is as close as possible to the style, wording and meaning of the original text. In addition, my translations are always revised by another translator, unless specifically requested otherwise.

STEP 6 → Delivery

The high-quality product is delivered to you in accordance with the deadline.

STEP 7 → After-Translation Support

I am available to clarify any doubts or questions that may arise. In case you introduce any last-minute changes in the original or need to translate an additional paragraph, this can be arranged in a relatively short period of time. I aim to reply to all messages within two hours.

Examples of Translation Work:

    • Translating ZARA and NEXT fall clothes descriptions from Spanish to Polish.
    • Translating descriptions of McDonald’s new arrivals from Polish to Lithuanian.
    • Translating confidential legal documents regarding tax frauds from Polish to Spanish at the request of Spanish legal authorities.

The knowledge needed to do specialised translation is not less than that of a doctor or a lawyer. Do not take chances and entrust translation of your documents to a professional who knows the craft! Mistakes in the translation can create a poor impression with your customers, and, as a result, tarnish your reputation. And a broken reputation is never mended.  

Since 2010, Magdalena Baranowska cooperates with and works as a freelance translator/interpreter for the company Dualia Teletraducciones SL, a company which offers over-the-phone interpretaron Services focused on social and health sectors. Most representative clients assisted by Magdalena Baranowska:


Diego Antonio Ramírez Dávila,
President at Dualia Teletraducciones SL

Empresa Euros Traducciones certifica que la Srta. Magdalena Baranowska ha colaborado en diversas ocasiones con EUROS TRADUCCIONES como Intérprete y Traductora de Lituano y Polaco. La Srta. Magdalena Baranowska ha demostrado una gran profesionalidad y experiencia. Su relación con la Dirección del Centro ha sido excelente.

Olga María Jáñez Martínez,
Responsable de la Empresa Euros Traducciones

Ms Magdalena Baranowska participated as a Spanish language specialist in the linguistic - IT project organized by Samsung R&D Institute Poland. Her substantial competence as well as involvement in accomplishment of above mentioned project contributed to the development of innovative products and services created by Samsung Company. Considering satisfactory realization of charged tasks Ms Magdalena Baranowska deserves the positive note of her immediate and other superiors.

Karol Świetlik,
Senior Linguistic Projects Coordinator at Samsung Electronics Polska

It is our pleasure to provide this reference on behalf of Miss MAGDALENA BARANOWSKA. Miss Baranowska has collaborated with this school as a translator from March 2010 to present. Miss Baranowska possesses special expertise in subjects such as legislation and technical documentation. She is very hard-working, qualified and motivated professional. The accuracy of her translations and the ability to work under deadline pressure deserve a special mentioning. I would also like to remark on her excellent relations with colleagues. I can without hesitation recommend Miss Baranowska for any translation job or any position that requires in-depth knowledge of Polish, Spanish and Lithuanian.

Isabel Badillo Matos,
President at Europa Idiomas, Language School

Korzystam z usług Magdy od ponad 2 lat i mogę ją z czystym sumieniem polecić. Wszechstronnie wykształcona, profesjonalna, rzetelna i bardzo dokładna tłumacz. Podejmuje się trudnych zleceń i pracuje w bardzo szybkim tempie. Współpracę oceniam na szóstkę z plusem 🙂

Rafał J. Hirsch (USA),

Excellent service. Highly recommended!

Chris Thompson,

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