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Professional copywriting, content writing, marketing, advertising, and branding services in Polish, Spanish, English, and Lithuanian.

The Powerful Copywriting Is a ‘Secret Weapon’ of Success

Words That Win Clients

COPYWRITING = The art of selling by means of the written word.

          Copywriting can be defined variously. Personally, I understand it as a process of creating effective, persuasive and functional texts, generally sales-oriented. Copywriting is used when translating regular text into the language of marketing and advertising, i.e. the language which effectively helps to sell products and make a profit that every product owner dreams of… 

          Copywriting involves creating texts for marketing, containing a certain message to the consumer. A good copywriter not only has to be fluent in the language in which creates, but also know the basics of sales psychology. In other words, you must know how to sell, and, for this reason, know the product, the target customer and the communication strategy adopted by the organisation. 

          Copywriting embraces product and company naming, creating catchphrases and advertising slogans, advertisements and advertising campaigns, preparing content used in newspaper, radio, television advertisements and any other promotional materials, such as websites, catalogs, brochures, leaflets, writing sponsored articlesSEO texts and positioning phrases, creating advertising offers, requests for proposalsbranding, etc.

In the virtual world your potential clients only know about your business

what you let them read!

Make sure you have the powerful message

that will not only reach their minds,

but also touch their hearts…

Why is it important to do market research before preparing content?

The role of a copywriter is to go beyond regular writing by highlighting an article into a functional one, calling for action, and focusing on selling goods or services. Before starting to prepare content, it is extremely important to do market research and gain information about the company, its products, and also competitor companies and their products, as well as the audience at whom the marketing is directed. Copywriters really need to get as much information about the target group of their text as possible, what is its age? social status? interests?, needs?, behaviour?, etc. A very different language is used when creating content for housewives, different for children, and different for high-level managers. There are different strategies of selling basic everyday products, and different of luxury holiday trips for the whole family. Failure to identify and understand the target market may result in creating content which does not fulfil its role – it fails to capture more clients and grow your sales. 

Matthew asks: “I’m a professional graphic designer with a university degree, and an absolute passion for design. The design is my true love. Although I’m really good at what I do and every single day for a long time I’ve been sending e-mails to important people in the industry, trying to convince them to use my services… I hardly get any response! I’m having such a hard time finding any potential clients that I’ve even started to consider changing my profession… Is it the job market that has gone complete nuts or is there something wrong with me? Why am I so spectacularly failing?!”

Magda responds: Please do not waste more of your time writing e-mails… E-mails are boring! Busy entrepreneurs rarely have time to read them and consider around 90% of the incoming e-mails as spam. Let me quote Rand Fishkin, CEO and Founder of Moz: “Best way to sell something – don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy.” I think these words perfectly capture how effective marketing looks like today. The best marketing does not feel like marketing. Getting your clients to want to engage with you and buy from you, not spamming them with e-mail offers, is a benchmark of what you are aiming to achieve. Marking your presence online with strong and powerful content is essential for the success of your business in today’s saturated market.  

Santiago asks: “I’m a professional copywriter born, educated, and living in Mexico. Should I accept copywriting jobs targeted at Spanish customers in Spain?”

Magda responds: What you have to bear in mind is that there are significant differences between Spanish used in Mexico and Spain, not too mention cultural and ideological differences. Mexican Spanish has been influenced by English in the form of anglicisms (words borrowed from English) and code-switching (alternating between languages), whereas Spain’s Spanish has remained more resilient. Yes, you can really feel this. I am not suggesting that you should reject these proposals, but I just want to pinpoint that a Spain’s Spanish customer needs to be addressed differently than a Mexico’s Spanish customer. Otherwise, we will scare off our potential customers, rather than encourage them to take action. From my experience, I know that people tend to be skeptical of or resistant to the messages that sound alien or odd to them.

Examples of Copywriting Work:

    • Producing a large amount of articles in Polish for a well-known financial brand.
    • Working as a Content Editor for Intercom Empresas and administrating Polish web portals about catering, aesthetic medicine, and moving companies.
    • Preparing content for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level Spanish language classes at Brown University and Iowa State University of Science and Technology in the U.S., including “Business Spanish” and “Spanish for Professionals” courses.

Magda worked with me for one year and half in a content creation project for a financial brand. During all this time, she produced a huge amount of high quality Polish articles, always with a precise and accurate style and exceeding the expectations. Besides, she proved her multitasking capabilities, managing several assignments at the same time, and excelling in providing a really good service. To sum up, if you are looking for a top performing writer, translator or interpreter, you should count on her. You’ll never regret it!

Gema Diego Sánchez,
Journalist at Súmate Marketing Online, Web Content and Inbound Marketing

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Magdalena Baranowska. She has collaborated for Intercom Empresas (Grupo Intercom, Barcelona based venture capital firm) as a Content Editor for almost 1 year and we are completely satisfied with the work provided by her. I consider Magdalena Baranowska to be a confident worker, and a highly versatile, patient and motivated person, with strong ability to learn. I feel confident that she will succeed in her future jobs. It is for these reasons that I strongly recommend Magdalena Baranowska without reservation.

Toni Montenegro Saiz,
Content Manager at Intercom Empresas – Grupo Intercom

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